The Green Slipper….Creative or Desperate?

Do you remember the green slipper Honourable Sam Ongeri was holding during the release of the K.C.P.E results? I thought the pupil who came up with that strategy was either very creative or very desperate. I remember during our primary school days, we also had cheating tactics or tictacks (like someone I know likes to say)

We all cheated at least once during the 8 long years in either a C.A.T or an examination. In my opinion, it was easy to cheat because your answers lay between 4 choices of which 2 were obviously wrong and the other two were so close, if you were not certain you would end up picking the wrong answer.

So, how did you ensure a definite PASS of the all dreaded exam?

1.You must discuss with your friends before  hand

You are planning to ask someone else for the answers . Therefore, that someone else must know that you will ask him/her, or else you are doomed!

2. Learn the code-language

Your answers lay between choice A,B,C, and D. Therefore, it was important for you to know the sign that represents each of the four letters. Example scratching your head means the answer is A, touching your nose means the answer is B

P.S  These signs were not standard to all schools, almost every school had their own unique code language

3. All communication had to take place when the invigilator has left the room (for obvious reasons)

4. Start by answering all the questions you know, then you are left with the ones you do not know. This strategy ensured that you finish your exam within the provided time

5. Do not ask answers to all the questions or else your classmates will start ignoring your cry for help

Were you ever caught cheating, What cheating tactics did you use in primary school? You are welcome to share your experiences with us.


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