Posted in February 2012


Who follows the Kenyan weather forecast? I know I do not. Actually, I do not think I have for the past 24 years. The last time I visited the Kenyan metrological department, I think I was in class 5, and all I remember is: windsock bla! bla! bla! wind vane bla! bla! bla! and that … Continue reading


We all love the weekend, but dread Mondays. Here is an illustration of how my Monday and most Mondays often go… Do you agree or not?


Today’s post is in memory of the Hon. John Michuki, who will be remembered for a number of things You made an impact in the lives of Kenyans and you will truly be missed.

Mind what you eat!!

Mind what you eat!!

Imagine you have a drum full of water, but this drum has a small hole at the bottom. You choose to ignore it, because it is but a teeny weeny hole. But the fact is, that hole is still a problem. Who is the whole in the story? The hole in the story above is … Continue reading

Hedious Weaves

The other day, I was driving with my dad and spotted this not so young lady with a purple weave. OK! I  understand the need to want to be fashionable, but I think women have surely taken it too far. It is hard to color block that s#$% on your head, believe me. My advice, … Continue reading

Work-out routes:Ngong Road

Last week we spoke about walking, today, I share with you places you can carry out your walk work-out. If you prefer exercising outside the confinement of a gym, safety is essential. I will begin with the Ngong Road route i.e from Nakumatt Junction to Kenyatta National Hospital. I will identify routes you can walk … Continue reading

Toilet Art

Toilet Art

Walk into any primary school toilet and you will definitely see drawings and writings on the walls. I have never understood why pupils opt to write and draw on the toilet walls yet they have exercise books! It has often been said that you know you love doing something, if you cannot stop doing it. … Continue reading