Walk! Walk! Walk!

January is over and I do not know whether you are sticking to your resolutions, especially if you had a resolution like: Keep fit, Eat healthy or Lose weight.

If not, there is hope! and the hope lies in walking. Walking is the easiest exercise routine to incorporate in your day to day life.

The question I hear most people asking is “when do I walk?”  and here is your answer

  • After Work- if you do not own a car, instead of seating in traffic that is not moving, walk! If you own a car, sacrifice specific days of the week e.g Monday& Friday, leave your car at home and walk instead.
  • Weekends- this is the time you often spend with your husband, boyfriend or girlfriends. Take walks together, it will help you bond and exercise at the same time.
  • Early mornings- if you either; live in a safe neighborhood, prefer working out in the mornings or you do not have to get up early to go to work, you can use this time to walk.

Before you start any walking routine, you must have:

  • Comfortable shoes e.g. rubbers
  • Water
  • Watch

P.S: Strolling is not exercise, walk fast and be sure to time yourself

Next Week: Work-out routes near you


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