How much have you sold today?

Entrepreneurship requires patience…a lot of patience. We have been doing this for 12 months now and everyday we learn lessons teachers somehow forgot to mention, during the 16 years of school.

If you have experienced selling your products at exhibitions or local events, there is a high probability the day will not end without someone asking you “so, how much have you sold today?” My friend Nina loathes this question but always affords a smile and answers “good:)”

Let us be real, not everyday is a good sale day. My advice, do not ask the question,you can chose to; View in silence and nod, say something like “Nice work” or as Kenyans like doing, try everything on and say “si leo (not today)” and walk away.

The next time you are out viewing an artist’s creative works, remember to say something nice, because EVERYDAY IS NOT A GOOD SALE DAY. Your nice comments will help console an aching heart.


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