Mind what you eat!!

Imagine you have a drum full of water, but this drum has a small hole at the bottom. You choose to ignore it, because it is but a teeny weeny hole. But the fact is, that hole is still a problem.

Who is the whole in the story? The hole in the story above is your diet, some of you may be exercising day in day out, but you do not see any results. Maybe this is so, because you are not eating right.

After a work-out, some of you may choose to indulge in snacks e.g. soda, fries, ice-cream, cake or more with an excuse of rewarding yourself for being such a dedicated exerciser. Make it a habit and start consuming fruits and vegetables, I am not saying do not eat junk food, (junk food is DELICIOUS!!!) but try and reduce your junk food intake and increase you F&V(fruits and vegetables) intake.

This week, Do not just work-out, eat right too.


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