Posted in March 2012

My doze of unhealthiness

As much as I enjoy eating healthy, there are foods I find so hard to resist! Do you have foods that make you want to lick your fingers and lick the plate too. Below is a list of some of my cravings: 1. White BonBon chocolate It cost only Kshs. 20. I am not a … Continue reading

Healthy Treats

Staying healthy is not all about exercise, but the food we eat. Below are some of my favorite healthy treats,  and I challenge you to try them out 🙂 1. Fruit Salad I mix all my fruits in a large bowl and to top it up, I pour in some milk. If you like, you … Continue reading

I am a HUSSTLER!!!

Last week, Nina(a Sheci co-founder) and I were busy sorting out unexpected happenings in Sheci. As an entrepreneur, you MUST be prepared to get down and dirty, walk up and down, take risks, be tough when necessary and always have a backup plan! Many young people call themselves “husstlers” and their trade “husstling“. But do … Continue reading

Work-outs & Bonoko

If you enjoy an outdoor work out i.e jogging or walking around your home area or estate. Remember to watch out for thieves, you do not want a bonoko incident. Have a safe work-out

Last week in illustrations

I was not able to post this last week on Friday, because we travelled to St. Andrews Turi for a sale. Here is how my week was in illustrations:) 1. Forecast this! 2. MONDAYS 3. I LOVE you Friday 4. Work-out Routes 5. Post Positively Campaign

Sheci is 1 year old!

I am excited 1 year is up! Pheeew! it has been one year of fun and lessons. Our biggest high last year was being featured in the Passion Magazine 🙂 This year, we are aiming HIGHER and doing MORE!

Work-out routes pt.2

I was to post this yesterday, but I had no internet. Sometime back, I spoke about work-out routes on Ngong road. Today, I present you with part 2. Below are routes  you can walk instead of taking a bus or matatu.

The Post Positively Campaign: The Promise

The Post Positively campaign is a promise. A promise that you, who is a member of any social site i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, will NOT post/tweet anything negative or inciteful this election year, that will fuel tribal divide and violence. So, how do you participate? We have created something like what you see below, … Continue reading

The Post Positively Campaign

2012 is an election year in Kenya, and we all know the word elections brings a lot of negative reminders to most of us. The Post Positively campaign is a product of Sheci and this year we want to encourage you who is a member of any social site example: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkdin … Continue reading

Marry me Friday

Why we love Fridays? The only day of the week you can dress casually to work. Unless you work at a place, where  a suit is compulsory from Mon-Fri  *boring* or you work at a place where you dress casually all week, therefore, you do not feel the difference *buzz killers* You can skive work … Continue reading