The Post Positively Campaign

2012 is an election year in Kenya, and we all know the word elections brings a lot of negative reminders to most of us.

The Post Positively campaign is a product of Sheci and this year we want to encourage you who is a member of any social site example: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkdin etc to  Post Positively on your social sites.

What are we saying. DO NOT;

  • Negatively incite people via your status updates or tweets
  • Form, join or follow groups and pages that encourage negative incitement of any form
  • Post negative remarks about a political leader without proof, because this breeds war of words which can blow out of proportion
  • Agree to be divided along tribal lines through negative tweets, status updates, groups and pages

I welcome you to support the Post Positively campaign.

Tomorrow, I will share with you about the pledge behind this campaign and how you can participate.



One thought on “The Post Positively Campaign

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