The Post Positively Campaign: The Promise

The Post Positively campaign is a promise. A promise that you, who is a member of any social site i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, will NOT post/tweet anything negative or inciteful this election year, that will fuel tribal divide and violence.

So, how do you participate?

We have created something like what you see below, where you who is a member of a social site, will sign. Your signature will be a promise, that this election year, you will Post Positively on your social site.

21 signatures on Facebook

(9 signatures on Twitter)

Sheci got 21 people to sign on the Facebook sheet and 9 people on the Twitter sheet. My challenge to you today is; How many people do you think you can get to sign and promise to Post Positively?

To learn more on this campaign read: The Post Positively Campaign post on our blog.


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