I am a HUSSTLER!!!

Last week, Nina(a Sheci co-founder) and I were busy sorting out unexpected happenings in Sheci. As an entrepreneur, you MUST be prepared to get down and dirty, walk up and down, take risks, be tough when necessary and always have a backup plan!

Many young people call themselves “husstlers” and their trade “husstling“. But do we really understand what husstling means? Husstling is not chilling with your boys or girlfriends at the base, seating in the house all day watching television or facebooking and tweeting all day without direction.

How do you become a husstler with success and direction?

  1. Know your talent and work on it
  2. Research and see what you need to commence and sustain your talent to make it into a business i.e sponsors, contacts, online presence etc
  3. Be ready to walk around, meeting clients, meeting sponsors, meeting other business men and women and be ready to be put down and encouraged.
  4. Dedicate your time, your heart and push yourself
  5. Pray and ask God for guidance, renewed strength and be thankful for what you achieve and fail to achieve.

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