Healthy Treats

Staying healthy is not all about exercise, but the food we eat. Below are some of my favorite healthy treats,  and I challenge you to try them out 🙂

1. Fruit Salad

I mix all my fruits in a large bowl and to top it up, I pour in some milk. If you like, you can add some yoghurt.

2.Bio&Lyons Maid yoghurt

I love how thick they make their yoghurt and the little fruits to chew inside. My favourite Lyons Maid flavour is blackcurrent. This yoghurt is a bit pricy but totally worth it!

3. Vegetable Samosa (Tuskys Supermarket)

Nina loves these samosas, so this year I decided to try them out. Very delicious

4. Fresh Juice

Any freshly squeezed juice works for me

5. Fresh Fruit pastries

There is a bakery at Hurlinghum that makes cakes and muffins using fresh fruit, very delicious. I will find out their name and put it up for you if you would like to try out their cakes.


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