The past 2 weeks

I have not posted anything for almost 2 weeks. But we, (Nina and I) have been doing a lot of up and down, trying to market Sheci and more.

This is what happened the past 2 weeks,  in summary:

1. Gikomba is a HUGE! mess when it rains! even in simple “Ngoma rubbers,” you cannot survive that murky terrain.

Note to self: invest in some gumboots

2. Calling a guard “watchman” can get you kicked out/not given the time of day! Never again will I use that name, from now on, it is security guard.

3.There are 2 Total petrol stations on Mombasa Road. One near Tile &carpet and the other opposite Liberty house. That is how far we walked on foot!!! just when we thought the lift we got from Nina’s dad, had saved us fare! oooi!

4.Sometimes, you have to take drastic measures, take the bold statement and go to the popo i.e. cops! My advise; DO NOT let anyone joke around with your money and especially your business.

5. Even after a long day of running Sheci errands, you have to get composed and smile for the camera, because who will take the photos and pose for the Hat Galore 3 pictures???

6. Parents Magazine 🙂 🙂 thanks Edna

7. All the many years of school, DO NOT prepare you for this kind of husttling! but we are enjoying the journey

I want to do an illustration of this post, something really cool! (not the stick drawings.) I know it will take time, but I will do it.


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