How has the year began for you? and are you living up to your resolutions?

I know,I have not updated this blog in close to 7 months, I have been working on a project from end last year and I hope that project elevate this blog and Sheci.

Back to the point

One of my new year resolutions, is to attain abs and upper body strength. It may sound petty, but I have been fighting this belly fat for a while and I have decided it is about time! This is the fact about new year resolutions and exercise, most people never attain their fitness goals.


I went online and looked for ab routines and I found a couple. Using the image below, I am currently doing


No. 2 Single Leg extensions. The first couple of days you do this routine, your sides will hurt as hell!!! Your neck will also hurt

No.8 Double leg lifts (which are VERY VERY difficult!) i only do 20, and take breaks after every 5 counts


Oblique twists: You can google this routine + I LOVE this routine.

I am taking it a day at a time and YOU can join me on my journey by participating with me, commenting, reading and liking the post.

PS: Upper body strength enables you to do this.


Here is to a fitter 2013!



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