There is a hair revolution!!! I did not realize how huge it was, but, many people are embracing their natural kinky hair. There are also so many hair terminologies that have come with this revolution.

I have had natural hair ALL MY LIFE!!! and I remember in high school, I wanted to relaxed hair but my mother’s rule was “you get to relax your hair when you start earning money and can pay for treatment etc.”Anyway,ย  I got over the “relax my hair” phase and 2 years ago, I put dreadlocks, which I LOVE because I do not get to comb my hair or touch it as much ๐Ÿ™‚ BLISS

my hair

This is my issue, with this natural hair revolution, I think people have complicated it too much! I was reading views online, on how to maintain hair after the Big Chop (B.C) and the recommendations and processes given online were so so so MANY, it all got very confusing and makes maintaining relaxed/permed hair look easy…




In your opinion, do you think, natural hair care has been complicated?



  1. Personally, I got lost in the terminologies before I could get to the hair maintenance. I recently tried out a new guy on my dreads, and he wanted to know what the other salon guy uses on my dreads, I was looking at him blankly, he just laughed. because I never care as long as my hair is fixed.
    They are both really good with dreadlocks and and came as recommendations from friends who have dreads, so I know their work is excellent. For me the most important thing is that you can handle my hair and know what your doing, after that, you passed that test.

  2. I think people are taking the fun out of it. People have taken the word “natural” to a whole other level… an unnecessary level. I went natural because I noticed that when I wore my curls I felt so confident so fun so ME! I wanted to learn how to take care of them that is it. Others just make it so hard and strict… all these rules for how to take care of them is crazy. The curl nazis take the fun out of the curly hair world.

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