Last week I had a bad experience, that put an unplanned dent to my boyfriend’s wallet (sorry J), but I am glad I learnt the hard way and can share it with you.

Nairobi has a wide variety of yoghurt products, and the next time you walk into any supermarket, notice the number of people standing at the yoghurt section wondering what to pick.

I walked into supermarket X and as usual stood at the yoghurt section wondering what to pick, I settled for Brookside cup (image below) and I noticed there were no price tags, but just walked to the counter to pay.

PS: The cup comes with a lid on top

yoghurt_500ml cup

This was my thinking, the most expensive yoghurts on the supermarket shelves are Bio and Fruit Fusion which cost KES.250 so Brookside can NOT be more expensive than these 2 brands. J also picked Brookside yoghurt but the box version ( image below)


When J and I left the supermarket he decides to read the receipt and we see 1 dairy product 280, 1 dairy product KES.80 :O . So, I suggest we return to the supermarket because I think they miscalculated. The lady at the counter smiled and told us that the yoghurt cost KES. 280!!!! I was shocked!! KES.280! that yoghurt better taste like a mixture of rainbows and diamonds served by black naked man with a spear, lion skin tied around his chest and a six pack, a proper six bloody pack!

Please note, my yoghurt and J’s yoghurt are the same ml, 500ml to be precise. The only difference was the packaging. For KES.280, there was no difference in taste or whatever you look for in yoghurt, between J’s 80bob one and mine!

Conclusion: I will never buy the plastic cup yoghurt AGAIN, because the cost does not match the value in the plastic cup.

My review:

Best Yoghurt: Bio and Fruit Fusion

bioFruit fusion

  • They have fruits inside and the yoghurt is thick.
  • Practically difficult to consume with a straw and the value is comparable to the cost (though the price has quickly increased over 2012)

Second best: Daima yoghurt


  • A newbie in the market but the yoghurt is thick and tasty

Other: Brookside, Delmare, KCC, Ilara


  • They taste the same to me, slight differences in thickness and flavor.Over the years, they have added a variety of flavors but nothing much has changed.

Is there any specific yoghurt you enjoy or do not enjoy? And why?

NB: This is a personal review, after consuming the above products.



  1. Hi, sorry for the ordeal. Yoghurt can be quite pricey. The thing with the brookside one, is that the one your boyfriend took is vanilla flavoured but the one who took is said to have real strawberries hence the discrepancies in pricing.
    I totally agree that you hardly even notice the difference in taste between the two well except the price tag.
    You should also try Ooh yoghurt. It’s my fave esp. the cherry one. 500ml retails at 99 KES, I think.

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