How do you pronounce crisps? crisips or kreeps?


Over the past 3 years, we have seen more local crisps brands come out and compete with brands like Krackles, Lays and Pringles on the Kenyan shelves. Fact is, when it comes to crisps it is easy to draw the line between bad crisps, average crisps and excellent crisps.

My biggest issue with crisps, especially the local brands is their packaging. Why do they fill that bag with air and put countable crisps inside? Someone please explain.

I bought Depys two weekends ago and I was very disappointed. Not only were the crisps countable but the flavors I tried (Cheese&onion and Salt&vinegar) were very very flat. Despite the label salt and vinegar, you could not taste the vinegar or salt!!

The review

1.Urban Bites


Packaging: OK. But they are guilty of filling that bag with air

Flavor: I love salt& vinegar and theirs is the BEST I have tasted! HANDS DOWN! The other flavors are good too

Price: Kes.40 is on the higher side considering the air space

2.Tropical Heat


This brand has been around for a while

Packaging: OK. They do not fill the bags with air as such

Flavor: Average, but their flavors often leave a color on your finger tips esp. the tomato flavor

Price: Fair


Packaging: OK.

They too fill the bag with air, and their crisps are shocking few and for KES.35! Hapana

Flavor: Bad

Price: For countable crisps + air space that price is on the higher side.




Packaging: OK

Guilty of air space packaging

Flavor: Excellent



I have not tasted Pringles but I have tried Lays way back, so I cannot give a review. But your opinions are welcome.



Are there any crisps you enjoy or do not enjoy? Share your experiences.

 NB: This is a personal review, after consuming the above products.

ION,Potatoes are sexy too 🙂 🙂 🙂



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