Exercising can be monotonous and eventually boring and the result is, you abandoning your work-out routines.

I always say, losing weight is not the problem, the problem is maintaining your desired weight. Erik Chopin the winner of the Biggest Loser  season 3 gained all his weight back!

Here is a list of fun work out routines, you can incorporate in your day to day life and are pocket friendly

1. Walking


Instead of taking a bus after work, you can walk two to three bus stops ahead

2.Hulla Hoop

hulla hoop1

I have never learnt how to hulla hoop! believe me, I have tried, but the hoop always falls almost immediately.

3. Dancing

African American Jitterbug Dancers

I saw this video and all I could say is, I want to learn how to do that! Pole dancing is often related to stripping and strip clubs, but it is a form of dance {I know what your thinking!} First check out the video and tell me what you think.



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