March will mark officially 2 years running Sheci, and I have learnt many lessons on this journey. It is sad that, the universities in Kenya, do not prepare us for what you get once you graduate.

As a small scale entrepreneur in Kenya, I have to work twice as hard to push my products out to the public and this takes thinking outside the box and willingness to try out everything, until something works!

Social Media has come to the rescue of many, especially entrepreneurs. Social Media allows you to create your own online presence, advertise your products, meet new people, create groups and pages with people whom you share similar interests with.

Social Media is like an almost free website, the only difference is you share the space with other people.


I have a question to all small to medium scale entrepreneurs and business out there, who sell products.

  1. Have you been able to purely sell your products via Facebook and Twitter and make huge sales?
  2. What attracts more sales, is it The quality of your products, the price tag OR how famous your brand is?
  3. Do the number of followers on your Facebook page or Twitter affect your sales? i.e. If  you have 1000 or more followers, the more likely you are to sell VS Less than 500 followers

We as Sheci, have been able to sell purely via Facebook, but not Twitter, and sales have been average. I think the quality of your product is important, because your clients will choose what they like online and not by physically touching and so you do not want to disappoint them, once you deliver the item.

I do not think the price tag affects the sales but I think how famous your brand is does affect your sales. On the issue of number of followers, It is all about how often you keep your followers interested in your brand, in my opinion, the number is not such a big deal.

What do you think? Let us discuss 🙂


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