Sometime back, I talked about Sheci Leso/Kitenge bracelets, today, I want to introduce you to our Beaded necklaces.

Most people refer to the beads we use on our necklaces as Masai beads, for all of you whom may not understand who the Masai are, they a tribe found in Kenya and Tanzania who are famously known for their jumping dance style, beautiful beaded accessories and the red shuka

Maasai Warriors Dancing, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

masai woman

masai shuka

The Sheci Necklaces are beautiful, semi bold and beautiful. Wearing one adds a touch of African to an outfit 🙂

Last year, we teamed up with fashion bloggers; Sharon MundiaWamboi Kay and Anita Gaitho and below are some images of how they wore the Sheci beaded necklaces.

Sheci Necklaces

And below, This is one of the Sheci founders, color blocking a Green/Black Masai Necklace.


We have NEW beaded necklaces and the Green/Black one above, is part of those necklaces. The necklaces cost Kes. 700



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