HABARI {that means hallo}

Welcome to the Sheci Shop. All the items under Sheci Shop are available for purchase. Feel free to place an order, all details and contacts you may need, are available below.




For Kenyan Clients:

PRICE: Kenya shillings (KES.) 450

To place an order: CALL/TEXT: 0710-468 634 (NINA)

Payment and Delivery: Payments will be made via M-PESA. All Items will be delivered on a Friday

For Clients Abroad (Outside Kenya)

PRICE: Kenya Shillings (KES.) 450

To place an order: Email us on OR leave a comment on this blog

Payment and Delivery: We will discuss with you via email, on the most suitable and affordable means of payment and delivery


10 thoughts on “SHOP SHECI: SNAP BACKS (FEB 2013)

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