Are you keeping up with your work out routines or do you fall under this category?


I have been able to maintain the same weight for 6 years and how I do it, is by trying to incorporate exercise routines in my normal day routine. Example: Lots of walking, drinking loads of water and healthy meals.On the healthy meals, I try! It is hard to stay away from Creamy Inn ice cream and Cadbury mint flavor chocolate.

End of last year, I found this local food blog that has awesome recipes. Some of the recipes are great meals for all of you on the healthy lifestyle train. My best recipe to date is the chicken in mango sauce. It is mango season in Kenya, so, this is a great way to make use of all the mangoes.

My advice: Do not give up, keep exercising, it will pay off



  1. Aww, thanks. I set out to be more fit this year. To be honest I haven’t been doing a pretty good job about it. In terms of diet, I can say I am ok plus I even went to the extra lengths of totally eliminating sodas and extra sugary stuff and the way I have a sweet tooth. I had started to skip rope but sadly stopped, don’t ask me why. No clue.
    So I just take the stairs to the office, I work on the 10th floor plus I walk from Upper Hill to town everyday evening. I need to psyche up.

    • Walking is good. In campus, my friends and i used to walk daily from valley road to nakumatt prestige for 3years. I get lazy when i have to go out of my way to include a work out in my day e.g skipping.

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