One of my new year resolutions was to get abs. I was not specific on a proper, clearly marked out six pack. A firm tummy without the cubes would still make me happy.

body 5

Two months after starting the routines, I stopped. Why? No reason. {That is always the case with exercise}

I have to admit though, the routine makes you feel fantastic. Your sides or wings {like my boyfriend calls them} will hurt as hell and laughing will be close to impossible, but still worth it.

But, I am back!

In other news, I saw this fruit pancake recipe in the Leo Tunapika blog and I tried it out. On Sunday, I made lemon pancakes. All I did was grate a little lemon in the mix. The overall taste, lemony, not bad.

Yesterday, I made banana pancakes. This was a hit! I cut the bananas into small cubes  and added them to the mix. When mixing, some banana pieces will dissolve in the mix and some chunks will remain. {pardon my use of the word mix so often}

The pancakes had a slight yellow color, a bananary taste and were filling. I could only eat 2 pieces. Thanks Leo Tunapika.


I am on a roll to try other fruit flavors e.g Mango, Orange. Strawberry. We are lucky Kenya is blessed with fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. Try it out!



  1. Awesome, I also love banana pancakes. You can add a teaspoon of cinnamon in the batter for added flavour.
    Ditto on the fresh fruits, one of the things I’m grateful that I are readily available.

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