Truth be told, the main reason most people are happy about the Easter break, is not what it represents Biblically, but because of the looooooooooooong weekend.

Now that we have all the free days set aside, to just NOT wake up at 5:00am, beat the Nairobi traffic, to get to the office by 8:00am, I thought it would be nice to share with you easy crafts you can do with your kids during the Easter break.

1. Monster Cards

If you have children aged between 5 to 9 years, this is a fun project. It is important to note that children know so much these days, so this age bracket is not fixed.It is also important for parents actively participate, this will make the child feel like you are involved and encourage them to do more {don’t I sound like the lady from Nanny 911? HEHE}

You need: Paper in different colors, Color pencils or Paint, Scissors and Glue


  • Determine the shape of the monster’s face
  • Take another piece of paper,preferably in a different color, trace out two circles and cut them out.
  • Create a spiral with the cut out circles, these will act as the monsters eyes. Remember to color the spiral,this will add life and personality
  • Use the glue and attach the spiral eyes on the monsters face
  • Cut  out various shapes, that will be monsters nose, mouth, ears. This will help the child think out the box and come up with what s/he sees as monster features

Voila! Monster Card! AARRRGH!



Monster cards are fun, they can give these to their friends or just put them up in their rooms.

2. Wire Cards

This is suitable for kids aged between 10-13 years. I got my inspiration from unique cards I saw at Nakumatt Junction, Nairobi. The cards are made by Totoknitshop. You can check their website, for inspiration.

You need: Wire, Paper, Paint, Straw, Wool and Needle


  • Determine what you want to curve using the wire. I chose to make the sun
  • Using the pliers, create the shape and sew it on the card
  • With the straw and paint, apply the straw technique and create texture on the card. This is fun, so let your kids go crazy with the colors.

Here is end result.



Have fun with your kids with these projects and Happy Easter!


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