I spoke about going back to my ab routine last week, that is going great, I have not missed a day! For the past 7 years, I have been able to maintain the same weight, without ever enlisting myself to a gym, all I do is walk a lot, drink a lot of water and practice something I like to call  substitution.

I am not speaking as an expert, but from my experience. It is difficult to maintain a 100% healthy lifestyle, we all have things we find difficult to part with, example: cake, chocolate, pizza, bugers, french fries the list is endless! So how do I continue enjoying my cravings and still maintain a healthy lifestyle? I substitute.

I love cake. so instead of buying cake full of frosting and sugar , I buy cake prepared with real fruits inside.  There is a place in Hurlinghum, Hurlinghum plaza, that bakes cakes using fresh fruits. If not, make your own cakes at home, this keeps you in control of the ingredients.

When it comes to fries,I prefer home made fries. Substitute tomato or chilli sauce, for real tomatoes, you can prepare kachumbari or guacamole. Substitute soda for water or yoghurt, I do not believe in the “coke zeros” it is still soda with or without sugar.

I make it a habit to prepare fruit salad, after a meal. This ensures that I eat my fruits daily.

Substitute red meat for chicken, pork or fish but with the high standards of living in Nairobi, chicken or fish, may be too expensive, so try omena (a type of fish) which is affordable. I know many people shy away from omena, but here  are a few guidelines when buying and preparing omena.

  1. Buy it from a clean place
  2. Always sort out the fish before you boil it, even if you bought it in a supermarket. This is to remove any unwanted materials
  3. Boil the fish for 10 minutes and drain the water. This removes the bitterness of the fish

The art of substitution is easy, look at what you eat and see how to make it healthier.

But once in a while, treat yourself! Walk into a bakery, head held high, pick the most delicious cake on display, walk out and enjoy your cake without guilt!

I love strawberry cake, I even have a special name for it- Sinful Strawberry!

Enjoy the art of substitution.


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