I mentioned I was on a mission to make as many fresh fruit flavored pancakes, as I possibly can. Last week, I made coconut pancakes and banana/mango pancakes. The coconut pancakes,were great! I loved chewing little bits of coconut 🙂 as for the mango/banana mix, the banana flavor was there but the mango could not be tasted.

I saw this orange/berry topping on Pendo la Mama blog and I think it is a great way to add a punch to pancakes, especially if you do not like adding honey, like me.

I am not sure if it is a problem with ladies within my age bracket (25/26years), but I know a good number of ladies who cannot make chapati for shit! The other day, I met a lady who cannot knead the dough! I thought I was bad, but she definitely took the trophy. My main issue with chapatis, is making them round and soft. I often say my chapatis are like women, they come in all shapes. Though, dad is a pro in the kitchen, his chapatis are so round! I often just stand there and watch him roll them into shape and when he gives me the rolling pin to do the same, my chapos are all over the place!

So, here are a few tips I have learnt along my chapati making days:

  • Invest in a nice round bowl, roll out your chapatis and use the bowl to create a perfect round shape. Like what you do with donuts.
  • Let your dough rest, I was told the longer you let it rest, the better. Apparently, this is the secret to soft chapatis.
  • Do not serve the first chapatis (esp. if you are not a pro,) because they are what i call “trial chapatis.”
  • Ensure you have loads of stew. If your chapatis are often hard, the stew will help ease the swallowing.

Do you have any chapati making tips? Share.



  1. Your list pretty much sums it up. I actually just learned how to make chapos a few months ago and now I’m a pro (not to toot my own horn lol). Honestly the only secrets to making soft, flaky chapos are not making the dough too hard when you’re mixing, and then letting it sit for like half an hour so it can rise. My only problem is that my chapos are never really round…more like square-ish 😀

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