The weather man has said that Nairobi, Kenya will be cold and rainy this month and next month. Exercise is often postponed on cold days. You look outside, it is raining and you’re like aaaaaah! I will run tomorrow, back to bed.

On cold days, it is difficult for me to drink water! impossible! If you see me drinking water, I am practically forcing myself. Nina Kabbia, my Sheci business partner taught me this water-drinking-habit. In campus, she always walked with a 1 litre water bottle and since our campus was located in a semi desert area…..1+1=2.

PS:I have learnt a lot of good habits and strange stuff from Nina. But that is a story for another day.

Eating or snacking healthy and on your it-is-too-cold-to-exercise days, is important. Here is my list of favorite cold weather foods and drinks.

1. Noodles:  My boyfriend learnt how to make the perfect bowl of noodles via an animation, Ponyo on the cliff by the sea by Hayao Miyazaki.  You can also try this Noodle Broth recipe by Frugal Feeding

2. Porridge:  I enjoy my porridge with lemon.

3. Strungi or Lemon tea: The secret is in the lemons.

4. Tea with Ginger

5. Oats: I am not a huge fan, but I read this post, by A Beautiful Mess on ways to spruce up your oats.

6. Boiled Maize: I enjoy mine hot with several pinches of salt.

7. Sweet Potatoes: I prefer the ones with a rich yellow color when boiled. Though, I find it difficult to know which ones they are when buying.

Sweet potatoes with a cup of strungi for breakfast, is heaven on earth I tell you:)

What are your cold weather foods?

Keep warm *hugs*


2 thoughts on “COLD WEATHER FOOD(S)

    • oooooh! soup.

      I have never been a big fan of soup, because of the torture I experienced.
      My parents love soup! Growing up, my mom made us drink Knorr soup, it was IMPOSSIBLE to swallow. I just used to stare at the cup and wonder when I will grow up and chose what I want to eat. What I would do is close my eyes and drink quickly then lamba sugar.
      Knorr was bearable. My dad made the traditional soup, with had huge chunks of onions, dhanias and tomatoes. This is the soup where at some point they put it in a jerican and start swinging.
      Now, this soup cannot be swallowed up quickly, because just when your about to swallow, huge tomato eeeerr! With my dad, you had to finish your soup. You leave there feeling hot, your face all steamy, nose running.

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