New week! Time is moving fast, before we know it, it will be December.

I have had dreadlocks for 2 years now and the reason I decided to have them, is because I felt the need for change. I have had natural hair all my life and so I wanted to try something new. I had two choices to cut my hair short or dreadlocks.

I am not sure if it is just in Kenya or me, but from the time I started growing my locs, two days will not end without me getting a “niaje mrasta” statement from some random person. That is not all, sometimes they say “gota mzeya,” gota mtunguyaz,” “hizo locs ni gwan” or a statement in a jamaican accent. Most of the times, I just laugh, say hi or nod back, but I always wonder, how they would want me to react? Maybe I should go like PO!PO!PO! forming a gun sign using my fingers, hand facing up.

My advice to any lady planning to have dreadlocks, be ready for a lot of greetings and comments from strangers. Just smile and move on.

In other news. I love kids! I am scared as hell of giving birth to them, but I love them. Did you see the kid from Churchill show, toto’s corner who translated ” ikishika sana wapi nduru wewe?” He had me rolling with laughter. His translation was “If it’s touching so much, where is sound.” *still funny*

Below is a picture of my neighbour’s kid, his name is Tesh. His mother left him in the house, but they had an agreement that he waits there until she comes. Immediately the mother left, Tesh came over to my place and he had sugar all over his huge cheeks. From the sugar crystals placed round his mouth, my guess is he dipped his face in the sugar bowl a couple of times.

Growing up, I remember dipping my chewing gum in the sugar bowl, immediately all the sugary taste was gone. Good old days.

NB: This picture does not do justice to the sugar crystals on his face.


Kids 🙂

Happy rest of the week.


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