What is Bookmark and Try? I find something interesting that I think I can do, I book mark it and try it. Last month, I decided to challenge myself in the food department-matters of the stomach I tell you.

I got a lot of inspiration from local food blogs and I have been trying new recipes. Some of the new foods I have made include; Fruit pancakes and coconut rice. The coconut rice was so good the first time, I have made it four times in the past 2 weeks! Frugal Feeding and Pendo la Mama blog have been my go to blogs this past week.

Bookmark and Try is not limited to food, I hope to expand it to travel, photography, reading and more. This is a great way to learn something new and challenge myself.

This month, this is my list of MUST TRY recipes.

  • Raising Scones: Recipe from Pendo la Mama blog. Can one still use the jiko method of placing hot coal on the lid to prepare these scones?  My oven is not working 😦

What do you think of my list?

I encourage you to try something new! It makes life more exciting.



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