On our trip to Turi this weekend, I was able to get access to mason jars. I was not able to carry as many as I wanted because of weight and space, so I settled for only 3 😦 . For a while now, I wanted to share a d.i.y using these jars.

mason jar1

For my first jar, I decided to work with glitter. You need: Glitter, Wood Glue and Masking tape.

Depending on the design you want on your jar, use the masking tape to block the areas you do not want to get glitter. {see below}

mason jar2

Pour the glitter on a flat surface and after applying wood glue on the glass, roll the glass on the glitter. Repeat the process, to stick as much glitter as you possibly can. Once you are done, let the glass dry and remove the tape.

mason jar3

Here is the end result 🙂



1 jar down, 2 to go.

Keep reading! In consequent posts, I will show you how I used the jars around my home.

Lovely day!



    • Hi. Julie. These jars are not sold empty, mine are recycled.
      If you buy jam sold in glass jars or anything that is sold in a glass jar, do not throw it, just clean it and you have a jar to work with.

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