Sincerely, it is has been very difficult keeping up with blogging and work. I get home exhausted, all I want to do is sleep. Working in the C.B.D has its good and bad side, On the down side, I cannot seem to find affordable places to eat, bus fare is also steep, our buses charge KES.70 to 80 to and from town and even with your beba card, bus touts always come up with excuses especially in the morning. of how they their beba phones are out of charge. On a good day, you oblige to the touts lies and pay cash, but on bad days! you argue with the tout until s/he accepts to charge your fare on your beba card… of a Kenyan.

The good side to town are the mabuyus and kashatas sold at the mosque!! Those snacks are delicious. The mabuyus have masala and the kashatas are all coconut. My tongue is always red in the afternoon.

In other news, a few months back, we have collaborated with the two ladies from Kurly Kichana 🙂 
Kurly Kichana is a website ran by Mary and Nyachomba and their focus is on natural hair. They offer great tips on going natural, how to take care of your natural hair after the big chop, styling tips, hair products, body products and much much more.

We asked the ladies to show us how they would accessorize our vitenge/leso caps and beaded necklaces and they agreed. I am glad they did.

Here is how Mary and Nyachomba accessorized the caps and necklaces.




outfit details:

DSCN7837cool earrings! 🙂


DSCN7838Nothing beats  a colorful kiondoo


Our kitenge caps cost Kenya Shillings.450 and our beaded necklaces cost Kenya Shillings. 700.

To make an order

Call us on: (+254) 710-468 634 or drop us an email on

Have a lovely evening!!



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